Our program targets children aged 3-13. We have developed an age-based pedagogical approach for each age group. The lessons that progress annually make up a program that goes on for a total of nine years. Teaching is delivered in the kindergarten and primary school premises, under the guidance of specially trained professional educators. The learning environment is the Life Education Studio, which is erected in the school premises and differs from the usual classroom space. iPad technology is utilized in the lessons.

Life Education lessons provide the child with information about their own body and its function in an interesting, understandable way, and teaches the child to make good health-related choices based on the information they receive. The objective of education relating to substances is to delay the age at which young people start experimenting with substances. It is good to talk about substances before secondary school as experiments with substances tend to begin at an earlier age than before.

Cooperation with parents, kindergartens and schools is also an integral part of our activity. Cooperation with parents is especially important, because in this age group, choices are still made almost entirely through the home and parents. Our broader social goal is to make a positive contribution to the well-being of Finns. Problems caused by drugs and overweight, among other things, are one of the biggest threats to our public health.