Fall is here and Life Education lessons have started. During the fall we will deliver our program in remote form in schools and kindergartens we collaborate with. In the fall we will also pay virtual visits to new schools. Remote lessons that we have given so far have been quite successful and we have received very positive feedback from both students and teachers. It has been great to be able to meet with students, even though current restrictions in many kindergartens and schools rule out actual visits in person.

Our remote lessons comprise remote learning material aimed at children aged 3-13; activities and educational videos that the teacher can use. Older schoolchildren can, in addition to this, participate in live remote learning.

During the fall we will also increase collaboration with different sports clubs and other parties that organize recreational activities for children and young people. Contact us if you want to complement recreation lessons with health and well-being themed segments by Life Education. Contact: satu.carlson@koulutuselamaan.fi