Global Grant Project inviting clubs in all six districts in Finland to participate

Host club: Kauniainen-Grankulla Rotary Club, Markus Lindström,

Non-Rotarian partner: Life Education Finland, Sami Teikko,, +358 400 638 863

The Children’s Healthy Habits (CHH) Global Grant project provides health and substance abuse education in partner schools and nurseries in Finland. Activities will be targeted at areas and schools where the size and structure of the population has increased and changed as a result of increased immigration. In action, we target immigrant families, but in general, we also aim to influence socio-economic areas where the risk of exclusion is high. In such areas it is particularly important to support and promote prevention and early intervention, but also inclusion and community. Our activities are structured in such a way that we arrange a visit with the partner nursery or school and arrange lessons at the schools as agreed. During the annual visit, we will meet all pupils in the schools with lessons designed to suit each age group, taking into account growth, development, and needs. 

The purpose of our lessons is to guide children to make healthy choices in their lives, to teach body awareness, to strengthen self-awareness, and to educate children and adolescents about substance abuse. In addition to school cooperation, we also work with children and their families.

The non-Rotarian partner in this project is Life Education Finland. Life Education Finland is a non-political and non-religious organization with high ethical values. 

Life Education Finland has mainly been operating in southern part of Finland with Finnish nurseries, pre- schools and elementary schools in unison with parents and local authorities. The life education starts at age three and continues until the child reaches the age of 13. Teaching is given in over 130 nurseries and schools, with over 20 000 children participating annually. The need of CHH education is growing rapidly when exclusion is increasing and we are getting more and more immigrant children. The Global Grant is based just on the fact, we need to support our partner to bring more children into education! 

The goal with the Children’s Healthy Habits (CHH) Global Grant -project is to reach immigrant families, and in general to influence socio-economic areas where the risk of exclusion is high meaning the goal is to start co-operation with 30 new schools all over Finland next schoolyear 2020- 2021.