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Music Against Drugs


We are concerned that the budget proposal by the Ministry of Finance regarding reduction of the health and social services budget significantly undermines society's stability and capacity for action, ability to cope with crises, and the confidence of the disadvantaged that public funds will be used on a grassroots level to help them.

In our view, employment rates can be affected in part by having organizational work guaranteed by adequate resourcing, thereby supporting the opportunity for disadvantaged groups to participate in education and the labor market. This will strengthen both economic and social sustainability as well as secure the existence of the foundations of the Finnish welfare state in the long term.

It is important to continue to create opportunities for interaction where children and young people in challenging situations can receive support, experience equality and feel that they are a part of society. The well-being of Finns builds on several contributing factors and cooperation between small actors will continue to be important.

Life Education Finland and Music Against Drugs offer health and substance abuse education, promote social well-being and inclusion in society, and reach approximately 30 000 children and young people each year.

Sami Teikko
Executive Director
Life Education Finland

Sampo-Ilmari Tuhkalehto
Executive Director
Music Against Drugs